The Direct Weekend

Starts tommorrow (Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th) at Camberwell College of Art, Wilson Road. Arts Against Cuts will be hosting a weekend of workshops, events, talks and discussions. There will be lots of free space for anyone who wished to put forward ideas on the days, organised spontaneity.

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Discussing the Student Occupations @ the New Gallery

Thursday, 13 January 2011 18:00

Following The Baader Meinhof Complex screening on Tuesday 11th January (, New Gallery London will host a night of talks, discussions and debates surrounding the current student protests – in particular looking at the recent student occupations.

On Thursday 13th January, representatives will be present from (but not limited to) those involved in occupations at the Slade, UCL, SOAS, LSE, Goldsmiths and Camberwell colleges. People will also be present from further afield in Leeds, Oxford, Brighton and Cambridge.

Presentations will be given, including a talk from those at the Coalition for Resistance.

The nature of the event will be open to all and inclusive. Anyone can turn up, sit round, listen and contribute. We aim to facilitate a non-hierarchical, passionate exchange in order to learn, teach and disseminate ideas surrounding the current student occupations.

Spread the word.

See you there!

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Slade Radio Show on Resonance FM

Slade Radio

Our slot last week on Resonance 104.4FM.
Tune in to Resonance tommorrow (Wednesday the 15th) at 13:30 for more from Slade Radio.

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Were you kettled? Give information for a legal challenge

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers is working with those who are using the law to challenge the use of kettling by police at recent student demonstrations. To identify potential witnesses and claimants we are asking protesters and bystanders to lend their support by completing this Kettling Info Sheet

Please note that this information will only be passed to solicitors who are already acting for protesters bringing cases to assess whether it can be used in evidence to support the legal actions. However, the Haldane Society cannot guarantee that a solicitor will get in touch, and so if you want specific legal advice about your case, you should contact a solicitor directly.

Download the Kettling Info Sheet


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Goldsmiths in Occupation

Library Occupation Teach-In Timetable, Saturday

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An amazing email from Peter Davies

I just read on your twitter that you’ve ended your occupation. I hope UCL dropped the £40K threat. And that you are all fine.

You have all done something amazing, and even if it has officially ended, it will live on. You have achieved something more than you can imagine. You have stood up for yourselves, and challenged authority, which are essential things for artists to do . And you have done these things in a way that can only set an example to everyone else, with your intelligence and your peaceful means. You have all won because you have gained something from doing what you have done. Plus you have inspired people, and as artists, what more can anyone hope to achieve.

I take my hat off to you all, as I feel I have learnt so much from you all, and what you have done in the last few weeks

best wishes

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Event taking place at the ICA reading room tonight

Event taking place at the ICA on SATURDAY 11th DEC, it starts at 8pm and is open till 12pm and I would really like to share this opportunity of using their READING ROOM to have another event/meeting/teach-in and to use the public space for bringing art that can be disseminated and any form of passionate, non-hierarchical, pedagogical exchange against these cuts as we were talking about this evening. Tell people to bring any ART they want to and I have a TV and a small printer so far and places to display reasonably small artworks.

Any suggestions at all would be great so just email or text me, and email back the whole group to get everyone involved.

Tell everyone you know.

Contact Jake on 07920520835 or email for more info.

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